Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Assignment Card 3

1. Colorized Drawing
what i did was draw a original picture and then scanned it to a usb which i transferred to photoshop and then i filled it with color.
2. Hybrid Character
what i did was take a cartoon spiders legs from google images, spider mans head, and iron mans chest plate to create a spider  cyborg.
3. Create Your Own Font
what i did was use the fontstruct website to create my own font.
4. Cartoon Head on Regular Body
what i did was take a drawing that i originally drew and scanned it then colorized it, then put it on my body where my face would have been.
5. Photoshop Makeover
what i did was take a picture of myself and then edit it to make it look like i just dyed my hair blonde added blush, put on mascara by adding eyelashes from google images, and painted lipstick on me with the opacity low so it looks like i put on lipstick.
6. Contour/Collage Portrait
what i did was take a picture of me and add a bunch of items that i think represent me. i added fire works, fire, smoke, an xbox360 controller, the ford mustang logo, a polaris logo, microsoft logo, netflix, poppers, baseball and gloce, a burning zombie, a football, tree hair, a tent, the panda express logo, coca cola logo, a fanta log, and a water background.
7. Celebrity Photobomb!
what i did was take a random picture of a celebration and then put a picture of Chris Pratt in between the two hands on the giant check to make it look like 
he is photo bombing they're celebration photo.
8. Zombify Yourself
what i did was take a picture of myself and put it in photo shop, then i used the sponge tool to desaturate my face to make my face look pale. then i searched for wounds on google images to add them to my face. once i added the wounds i used the color burn and the sponge tool to make the wounds look months old.
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9. Dispersion Effect/Shattered Picture

what i did was take a photo of a man jumping and cropped it and then selected his whole body and made it into 15 different layers. then i downloaded a splatter brush so i can erase  parts of those layers to make it look like he is warping through time.

10. Repetition Portrait

what i did was take a picture of a man with an open mouth from google images and then select his face. once i selected his face i shrunk it down to the size of his open mouth. then i duplicated it and did the same thing but this time it would be the smaller one.  i did this four times and it ended up like this.

12. Color Focus on Black and White Photo

what i did was take a black and white photo and put color only on the clouds and the rim of the boat to make you focus on those parts only.

20. Shape/Color Cartoon Character

The Characters name is Olivia, She is Very Friendly, she was born in Brawley C.A. and currently lives in San Diego C.A., her favorite thing is her stuffed bunny that she got when she was born, her least favorite thing is having a big bed, she is a Preschooler/Gymnast.

21. Hockney-esque "Joiner"

what i did was take a photo of old items and use the rectangular marquee tool to divide the picture into sections. i then made 48 layers with one box in each layer. after that i pushed all the boxes together to make it look like it goes there and at the same time it doesn't.

25. Image Inside Text

i used CS5 to make this piece. i took a picture of a beach in California from google images. i then put a text box behind of the picture.i then mad a clipping mask on the picture layer. i then added a yellow color to the background of the text image and then put it above the ocean picture.

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