Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Assignment card 2

1. Surrealist Digital Landscape

in this assignment i took a picture of stonehenge and used one of my favorite creepy pasta's(scary story) Jeff the killer. i used the paint brush tool and changed the opacity to 44% so it would give the background a bloody look and then took a bloody screen effect from google images to make it look like jeff is going to kill you but for the time being your injured.

2. Surrealist Digital Portrait (Fruit/Vegetables)

what i did was take a photo from a Anime series called bleach and then take that face and use the quick selection tool to cut out part of the face and then cut the face parts out of the fruit. i used squash, orange, strawberry, coconut, dragon fruit, and hay(even though its not a fruit i didn't know what else to use).
3. Picasso-esque Cubist Digital Portrait
i took Miley cyrus and duplicated her body parts on her face then placed it making her look like a horrific being. then got a side view of miley cyrus from google images then used the eraser tool and changed the opacity to 15% to make her face have a side view but still the front at the same time.
4. Colorize a Black/White Image
 i used a black and white flower i got from google images. then i used the quick selection tool to select each part of the flower. after i selected the individual part of the flower i used the brush tool and changed the opacity so instead of seeing a color with no details it has some.
5. Colorize a Black/White Ansel Adams Image
i searched up Black and white Ansel adams image and did the same thing with the Colorize a black and white but i used different colors and different opacity to add have two colors with only one
6. Decorate an Empty Room
i searched up empty room then i added a car bed anime book shelf a t.v. and two poster.  i also added me just to make it funnier.
7. Create a Hybrid Creature
i searched up to start my hybrid was a great white. then i used bird wings, tegu skin, eagle wings, a hose tail, and an octopus head to create a camouflaging lizard flying horse shark.
8. World Traveler Picture (Seven Wonders of the World)
what i did is take a leaning tower of piza then lined my body up to it and then added Alex to be the support for me leaning on it and then Alex's face of annoyed to add an effect of realism.(i got Alex's permission) 
9. Create a Disproportionate Photo
what i did was i took a picture from lord of the rings and i took his eyes, mouth, and his nose and expanded it to make him look like his eyes shouldn't be there.
10. Look Who's In Our School
what i did for look who is in our school is take a batman photo and put it in a picture of marshall middle schools front gate. i have the closer one look a little see through so it makes it look like batman is traveling at the speed of light while taking the photo.
11. Repetition Used In a Creative Way
in this photo i took a photo of cow hearts from google images and made a heart out of hearts. i adjusted the hue and saturation to change the color.
12. Art Addition to Masterpiece
what i did was take a andy Warhol masterpiece and add my face and use the eraser and blur tool to make my face look like it belongs there.
13. Candyland Landscsape
what i did was take photos from google
 images and create a ginger bread hunting ground.
14. Triple Portrait (Evolution)
what i did was take the beginning of a frogs life to the end then i cut the photos out and put it in an underwater lake.
15. Self-Portrait Montage With Different Filters
what i did was take multiple photos on different days and then put them all together and use the multiple different filter options and change every photos original look.
16. Portrait Montage Using Different Backgrounds
what i did was take multiple backgrounds of the video games, my favorite anime, and my favorite band and put it behind me.
17. Creative Blurring
 what i did was take a photo of sharks from google images and used a spiral blur around it to make the center of attention on the one shark.
18. Classical "Painted" Portrait
what i did was take a photo of me and my sister and i made it look like it was painted by adding texture to the watercolor filter.
19. Photo Collage with Text Features

what i did was add multiple photos i took by photo booth and added text features on the feeling i looked like in the photo.
20. Movie Poster Assignment
 what i did was take a nightmare on elm street poster and put my face on it then use the eraser tool to make my face blend in.
21. Magazine Cover Assignment

what i did is take a photo of my self and put it onto a magazine cover and use the blend tool and blur tool to make my face look like it belongs there.
22. Retouching Assignment
what i did was take a person with acne from google images and then use the healing tool to get rid of the acne.
23. Panoramic Image
what i did was take a multiple series of photos in the elevator and line them up like a panoramic photo.
24. Create an Animated .gif File

what i did was take a mario scene from super mario bros and took a old mario and put it like if he was actually running the course.

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